Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hey, my name is Jesse... yea... if you didn't know that you shouldn't be on my blog. Anyway... here are some things about me i guess

I love cows
I am a vegetarian
I like the colors red and black
My favorite song is If everyone cared by Nickelback
My alltime favorite youtube video is Popstar, a spoof of rockstar...
I have two cats and two guinea pigs
I also love the color pinkkkk (yea, i know meghan, big change from last year)


meg said...

heyy jesse!
i luv ur blog!!!!!!
and pink??? WOW!
if everyone cared...its okay...
but red and black not okay!
i mean ew!
well i guess i luv ya anyway

Katie said...

hello hello hello!!!

Jesse said...

katie do not leave useless comments that junk up my blog!! >:-()